“I am writing to update you on my daughter, now 16 years old. You last saw her in 2004. Several times over the last two years she has mentioned, out of the blue, that your program helped her tremendously. She has a 4.0 G.P.A. in High School (freshman & sophomore) and is taking AP and honors classes. She has a group of loyal friends. She values and nurtures these friendships.”

-Mother of a 16-year-old.

“We’ve had our son off his ADHD meds for about a week now. He’s much better this summer than when we tried the same last year. I am so pleased that we’re not as dependent on the medication anymore. I attribute much of this change to the therapy sessions that he has been through in your clinic! It was a slow, gradual change with Kennan as we progressed through the 3 sessions, but they were definitely worth it.”

-Mother of a 10-year-old.

“Our daughter had many issues; speech delay, poor listening focus, sensitivity to loud sounds, difficulties dealing with frustration and transition, body in constant motion or fidgeting, and some other minor issues. She was diagnosed as having hyperacusis ( and ADHD in a general term). After the series of listening program and a few other specialists recommended by Liliana, our daughter is mostly free of all the issues. We are so lucky to have found Liliana. She has truly improved our daughter’s life and her future potential. We can also enjoy her more than ever. She now seems very comfortable in her own body and is thriving! Our only regret is that we did not bring Nadya to Liliana sooner.”

-Mother of a 12-year-old.

“We wanted to take a moment to give you a quick update about our son. The news is great! In the last 3 months or so, he has had some significant breakthroughs. His vocabulary has gone from 5 or 6 words to more than we can count. He can repeat almost anything. But more than just repeating, his comprehension seems to be amazing. We’ve discovered that he can read, spell, and even do some basic math! I think these improvements have also helped our son understand that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, which is at least as significant.”

-Mother of a 6-year-old.

“We noticed a number of very positive changes in our son during his participation in the Tomatis Listening Effect Program, particularly after the second phase. Our son seemed more engaged and involved with others. He was more aware of what was occurring around him and started asking more questions. His teachers also confirmed that he interacted much more with his peers. We also noticed improvement in his balance and coordination. About mid-way through Phase 2, he mastered riding his bike without training wheels and started learning to put swimming movements together. (These were things we had been working on for some time without much progress). It was as if it “suddenly clicked” for him. We also noticed improvements in his gait, running, and ball handling ability. He had previously been very frustrated in PE because it was difficult for him, but this year he really enjoyed it because he was able to do what his peers were doing.

-Mother of a 9-year-old.

“Our daughter is now in 4th grade, totally without special education support; in fact, she feels so self-conscious about being different, she pretends not to recognize the special education staff when she passes them. She refuses to be pulled out for any services, and truly does not require them. She is an A student, and her interests are art and music. She decided at the beginning of last school year that she really did care what the other students thought of her, and she curbed all of her tantrum behaviors. She wants to fit in. This has been enormously successful! She has had the same teacher for 2 years and she has grown and blossomed. I have seen some 10 – to 12-year-olds who came from California after their early years of ABA and they are obviously still very impaired.”

-Mother of a 9-year-old.

“Our son is doing much better. I’m very excited because he has made a lot of progress academically and socially. His reading scores have improved and his ability to infer meaning has also increased.”

-Mother of a 12-year-old.

“Our daughter has made great progress following each Tomatis session. We know that we could take her to other centers that are closer to where we live, but we will always travel to bring her to you. We feel that your ability to identify a child’s needs and connect with that child is unique and critical to the success of the listening program.”

-Parents of an 8-year-old.

“Though the results may seem subtle (outside the family), we’ve noticed that [our son] smiles more and looks more relaxed physically; he’s more coordinated and loves to be outside. He’s developing a sense of humor, is more interactive with peers and continues to be extremely helpful. We don’t have to repeat nearly as often, he seems more focused and it’s not as difficult to get his attention. We’re extremely pleased we did this and have no regrets.”

-Parents of a 12-year-old.

“My son went from saying g a few words to building meaningful sentences. Then his receptive language was no longer a huge issue since he is processing information much easier and with responses.”

-Father of an 9-year-old.

“Prior to Tomatis- Effect, I wondered how my son could succeed in school with his challenges in language, reading, and social endeavors; now I’m very optimistic!”

-Mother of an 11-year-old.

“After phase two we noticed an increase in [our son’s] self-confidence. His music teacher told us that his ability to play his clarinet had improved a lot. Although these were wonderful assets to his daily life, the best change was that he suddenly had a solid group of friends!”

-Parents of a 9-year-old.

“We now consider (our son) to be mostly ‘recovered’ from Autism. He, to most people, does not appear to be Autistic in any way anymore. People actually don’t believe me when I tell them that he was severely Autistic. He is now in a ‘typical’ class for kindergarten without an aide and very limited support.”

-Mother of a 5-year-old.

“Prior to Tomatis therapy, our child couldn’t rhyme or read a chapter book without adult assistance. Now he’s reading short books and can rhyme.”

-Mother of an 11-year-old.

“My son just started talking on and on about Pokemon cards. For the first time ever, I had to ask him to stop talking since it was time to go to sleep. He’s finally starting to express himself more easily and more fluently with words. He’s also reading more fluently too. I’m so happy, that my son is finally talking to me and able to share his passions. It brought me to tears. I am forever grateful.”

-Mother of a 6-year-old.

“Our family is currently seeing Dr. Sacarin for Tomatis Listening Therapy for all of us and our son has just completed phase one. The Tomatis Method is an Educational Program that can help to improves motor, emotional and cognitive abilities, through music and language. We have also done iLS and the Safe and Sound Protocol, and saw improvement, but nothing drastic. Admittedly, I had reservations if Tomatis would offer anything as dramatic as what I had heard from so many families. We came on the recommendation of several other families and my sons school who had seen so much cognitive improvement in their students after seeing Dr. Sacarin. I am so thankful we took the leap as we are already amazed how much better our son is doing all around. He is so much calmer, able to focus, and so much less anxious and less sound sensitive, and more cooperative. It improved his hand-eye coordination so much that he no longer requires vision therapy, a savings in and of it self. The Tomatis Method is a natural approach to neurosensory stimulation. Its listening programs change the music and voice in real time in order to capture the brain’s attention and to develop motor, emotional and cognitive skills. Developed by the French Doctor and Researcher, Alfred Tomatis, the Tomatis Method relies on an advanced technology and the excellence of its trained professionals on how to use it. Dr. Sacarin is one of the few in all the world who was trained by Dr. Tomatis, and she also brings her expertise in psychology as well and she and her team were great with my son.”

-Mother of an 8-year-old.

“I brought my daughter to see you back in 2014. We completed the entire program of sound-therapy with you (3 phases) with much success. We wanted to let you know that she is doing great. “

-Mother of a 13-year-old.

“We have already seen great improvement with him already, after beginning working with Dr. Sacarin’s program. We are now able to complete 8 whole pages of school work now versus the three or less we were able to achieve before the first sequence of sound-intervention. He seems to be more focus and the level of frustration has diminished which has allowed him to stay focused enough to finish the task. We are not seeing the name calling we did before the sessions and he seems generally more relaxed. We are also finding an increase with his ability to vocally express himself with his needs and wants. His spoken work has become calm and clear. “

-Parents of an 8-year-old.

“Dr. Sacarin was instrumental in helping me regain my attention and my ability to quickly process information again after a concussion. I was able to recover and return to work much sooner than initially predicted by my neurologist. Not only did my test results show a considerable difference between the initial encounter with her and the follow-up retests, but as I progressed through Dr. Tomatis’ listening  intervention my day to day life changed remarkably. My trust in my abilities increased while my fatigue, brain-fog and short attention span decreased considerably“

-Adult 56-years-old

“Since childhood misophonia and anxiety have been part of my daily experiences. These often hindered me from spending time with friends and family or excelling when learning or working in noisy/ busy places. q EEG Neurofeedback and Tomatis sound-training at your center made a world of difference and changed the way I relate and function. I feel that I now have more than one option to live my life. Thank you“

– Adult 27-years-old

“My work has always been very captivating to me and I felt successful at what I do. Yet, I never realized until I came to you for a consultation that my ability to listen and focus were undermining part of my performance – especially when having to work in or lead a team. Working towards peak-performance with q EEG Neurofeedback and Tomatis auditory training showed me how much more potential I had both: at work and at home with my family. Thank you, Dr. Sacarin, for helping me be my best.”

– Adult 38-years-old

Dr. Tomatis worked with Gerard Depardieu in the Beginning of his Acting Career

The well-known French actor, Gerard Depardieu, was uncertain at that time whether he could succeed on stage. One of Depardieu’s acting professors referred young Gerard to Dr. A. Tomatis for help, since he did not seem to remember the lines, nor was he adept at projecting his voice as the profession requires for a successful stage actor. On top of this, his emotions stood in the way of his dream of being an accomplished actor. In Depardieu’s Biography written by the American Journalist Paul Chutkow, the actor dedicates an entire chapter to Dr. Tomatis and the transformation he underwent from working with Alfred Tomatis and his method:

“When I applied this technique, memorizing ceased being an epic struggle. And now when I took the stage to recite a passage or perform a role, I no longer suffered a panicky, choking feeling. Now I had found I could perform long passages of even the most complicated texts with ease and fluidity.”

-Gerard Depardieu