Diana Hafzalla, M.A., LMHCA

Ms. Hafzalla’s primary focus is on assisting children, teenagers and young adults and their families gain insight and transform when having to address challenges such as anxiety, emotional regulation, trauma or depression. School or family transitions, for instance could lead to some of the above experiences in youngsters and their families. Equally, learning challenges or social-emotional adaptation required whether at school, with friends or at home could be disorienting and stressful. Sometimes even a positive change such as a new sibling could be surprising and distressing. Diana Hafzalla has a considerable professional experience in working with and assisting children with a wide range of challenges: from ASD to ADD, Dyslexia, LD, etc. She has worked with many families who benefited from her multicultural awareness and expertise.

Ms. Hafzalla is trained in Counseling in which she earned her Master of Art degree. When asked to serve children, young adults and families in distress her therapeutic approaches are tailored to each individual and draw from various theories and practices. In addition to insight oriented, cognitive behavioral and systemic parenting interventions, Diana also uses EMDR with children, teens and young adults.