Tomatis Method Trained and Certified by Dr. Alfred Tomatis – Dr. Liliana Sacarin is a leading expert in the field of auditory processing techniques with offices in Seattle and Bellevue. She is a licensed clinical psychologist. For the past 25 years she has been a full-time clinician applying Tomatis and Tomatis-based listening programs and technologies to help children and adults of all ages reach their full potential in academic learning, communication, emotional regulation, attention, or sensory-motor development. Just as Dr. Tomatis practiced his method, she too, includes a systemic approach to any auditory processing intervention since listening and processing occur in a relational field, that of a dialog: a listener and at least one speaker.

In addition to the Tomatis Method Dr. Sacarin is trained in almost all of the other approaches of sound-stimulation systems that have derived later from Alfred Tomatis’ Method (App-Ear, LiFT, iLs, TLP, SSP).

As a researcher Dr. Sacarin designs controlled studies to investigate the efficacy of the complete Tomatis Method using standardized neuro-cognitive measures including quantitative EEG (brain activity recordings). One of her research studies with children ages seven to thirteen who were diagnosed with AD/HD showed statistically significant changes for the Tomatis group in the following areas of their performance: attention, processing speed, reading efficiency, auditory discrimination, brain-electrophysiology (brain-activity) and behavior.

While working at Dr. Inge Flehmig’s  Neuro-Pediatric Clinic in Hamburg Germany, she was also trained in Sensory Integration. Dr. Flehmig, a leading neuro-pediatrician in the country, focused on neuro-plasticity using various drug-free approaches when treating children, adolescents and their families. 

Given her expertise Dr. Sacarin has the ability to assess a child or individual’s cognitive development, emotional regulation in the context of family/systemic interaction while also bringing the understanding of sensory-motor development and its role in the overall individual presentation. Her training and experience with attachment theory / intervention furthers her expertise when assessing and working with children and adults. 

An in-depth initial evaluation is more likely to guide a family or an individual into making an educated decision about the most suited approach for the areas they seek to optimize or achieve peak-performance in. When making recommendations or proposing treatment plans Dr. Sacarin takes standardized test-results from multiple areas of functioning as well as the perspective of sensory-motor development and relational attachment into consideration to discuss the various treatments available to clients.

If the findings suggest that sound stimulation programs may not be the most effective treatment at this point in time, further treatment recommendations and referrals will be made. Ultimately, her thorough evaluation is key in individualizing the treatment goals and plans offered to each child or adult. This will determine the most effective sound-intervention towards attaining their desired outcomes.

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For over twenty years, Dr. Sacarin has used her qualifications to enhance children’s and adults’ learning and social interaction skills. Her expertise is in effectively integrating Tomatis-Auditory Training, Psycho-Motor Integration®, neuro-biologically-founded educational consulting, with parent mentoring/coaching.



Dr. Tomatis knew that our brain has an extraordinary capacity to adapt and therefore to learn. It is the brain’s ability to be plastic, a characteristic called neuroplasticity, that facilitates new-learning or re-learning after an injury.


Children & adults improve: attention, processing speed, language, academic learning ability, confidence, behavior, emotional regulation, fine & gross motor control, general maturation.

  • Learning issues: Reading, Writing, Math
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Sensory Integration / Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Speech & Language Difficulties
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Neuro-Developmental Delays
  • Sound Sensitivity & Misophonia
  • Behavior Regulation & Anxiety
  • mild Traumatic Brain Injury (m TBI)
  • Cochlear implant use

“I am writing to update you on my daughter, now 16 years old. You last saw her in 2004. Several times over the last two years she has mentioned, out of the blue, that your program helped her tremendously. She has a 4.0 G.P.A. in High School (freshman & sophomore) and is taking AP and honors classes.She has a group of loyal friends. She values and nurtures these friendships.”
Mother of a 16 year old
“We’ve had our son off his ADHD meds for about a week now.  He’s much better this summer than when we tried the same last year. I am so pleased that we’re not as dependent on the medication anymore.  I attribute much of this change to the therapy sessions that he has been through in your clinic!  It was a slow, gradual change with Kennan as we progressed through the 3 sessions, but they were definitely worth it.”
Mother of a 10 year old
Our daughter had many issues; speech delay, poor listening focus, sensitivity to loud sounds, difficulties dealing with frustration and transition, body in constant motion or fidgeting, and some other minor issues. She was diagnosed as having hyperaccusis ( andADHD in a general term). After the series of listening program and a few other specialists recommended by Liliana, our daughter is mostly free of all the issues. We are so lucky to have found Liliana. She has truly improved our daughter’s life and her future potential. We can also enjoy her more than ever. Nayda now seems very comfortable in her own body and is thriving! Our only regret is that we did not bring Nadya to Liliana sooner.
Mother of a 12 year old
“I brought my daughter  to see you back in 2014.  We completed the entire program of sound-therapy with you (3 phases) with much success. We wanted to let you know that she is doing great.
Mother of a 13 year old
“ We have already seen great improvement with him already, after beginning working with Dr. Sacarin’s program.  We are now able to complete 8 whole pages of school work now versus the three or less we were able to achieve before the first sequence of sound-intervention.  He seems to be more focus and the level of frustration has diminished which has allowed him to stay focused enough to finish the task.  We are not seeing the name calling we did before the sessions and he seems generally more relaxed.  We are also finding an increase with his ability to vocally express himself with his needs and wants.  His spoken work has become calm and clear. “
Parents of an 8 year old