Do You Want To Reach Your Potential?

Do you want to push beyond your limits? Are you ready to really put your skills to the test and enter the top percentile?

Maybe you’ve been working on improving a specific skill—such as playing an instrument, singing, or perfecting your sport performance—for a long time. Whether an accomplished musician, performer, or athlete, you may have made significant advances, but you’d like to push yourself even further. You want to really see how far you can go.

Or perhaps you just want to see improvement in your workplace performance. You might want to advance the skills you use every day and really outperform yourself and other high-achieving coworkers. Perhaps maybe you want to take your focus, processing speed and social abilities to a new level. Or, maybe you have international collaborations at work and you already use a foreign language and you’d like to perfect your accent reduction.

It could be that you’re already in the top 95% in your field, but you’d like to see even greater improvements. You might want a strategy and guidance for how to go that extra mile.

You likely are ready to hone your skills and see improvements at a much faster rate. You may look at others and think, “Well, how can I achieve that level, too?”

You, Like Many Others, Might Be Looking For Peak Performance

Many people desire to achieve success. Whether artists, athletes, or simply people who care deeply about their performance in the workplace, many individuals are driven to thrive in their chosen field.

Peak performance is more than just the desire to improve. It is the state where everything lines up to allow you to function at your best, such as providing the perfect setting or mental space. Some associated characteristics are confidence, focus, effortlessness, and a lack of fear or concern. It is, in many ways, considered to be the pinnacle of human ability.

While peak performance can be achieved alone, many people find it easier—and more beneficial—to go to training or a workshop in order to help themselves improve. They might be given specific training regimes, skills they can practice, and support to help them along the way.

However, many people don’t realize there could be another route to attain their goals: the auditory training developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis.

Many aspects of our abilities are affected by our listening function and how fine-tuned our ear-brain pathways are. These enable us to generate attention and learn with ease. Our development of various skills through our early years, such as motor-functions and social behavior, are all affected by the way we process information such as sounds or movement using a fine-tuned inner ear. Moreover, studies have shown that sound can help improve various skills. For example, one study showed that music can help enhance leadership abilities, while another illustrates how music can help rehabilitate patients who have suffered a stroke.

mountain topSound directly affects the brain, which can help rewire it (neuroplasticity); in that sense, sound training results in further fine-tuning our ability to focus and process a high volume of auditory information in a rapid manner. This in turn can impact our social communication skills. For instance, it can improve our abilities when we are required to collaborate with others in a team project. Sound processing is also strongly connected to our motor skills (gross and fine), which are often interconnected and fire simultaneously. Because of this, we can use sound stimulation to help refine gross and fine motor skills if this is the desired area of peak performance.

While listening to sound—for instance, the music you listen to—can easily change your brainwaves, it is not enough to help enhance your skills. By using a systematic and individualized sound intervention, developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis, we can help you train your skills to the fullest of your abilities in a lasting manner, in the specific area of success you would like to attain.

The Tomatis Method Could Help You Achieve Peak Performance

Sound training has been effective in helping people focus and advance their skills. By using it, we can help you improve at a faster rate than normal and swiftly move towards the top percentile.

First, we will start with an in-depth evaluation to verify that the areas you want to attain peak-performance in can be addressed with the Tomatis method, and if this is the most appropriate avenue for you. If we conclude that you could respond positively to sound intervention, we will move on to the next step, which is listening training and consulting.

team meetingOnce we have ascertained whether or not the Tomatis method is right for you, we will discuss program design and how you’d like to proceed. Each program will be tailored to your situation and skillset. For example, a program designed for an artist would be different than one designed for someone who specifically wanted to improve their ability to work in a team or their focus skills. For others, reducing their accent when speaking a foreign language or learning a foreign language with ease could be the area they would like to work on.

Our training is two-fold. First, we will provide sound stimulation during sessions. Second, we provide homework and guidance to help you outside of sessions. Because of this, sessions are often shorter, and many times clients will drop in quickly before an activity to help them get that boost.

Because of my experience as a clinician and researcher in the field, I know how much sound stimulation can help improve various levels of one’s performance. I have spent my whole professional life working with sound and with the various ways it can improve learning and abilities. Over the past two decades, I have served many children and adults who came to us for peak performance. Moreover, clients who come to see me for unrelated reasons will often see significant improvements in areas beyond the reason for their visit—for example, in their musical performance.

I know, as you probably do, that peak performance can be achieved through one avenue or another. By using auditory intervention, I can help you push beyond your limits and achieve the success, focus and improvements you desire in a more rapid manner.

You might still have some reservations…

How can sound help me learn new skills?

Sound processing has been shown to be greatly helpful in improving a variety of areas. There’s even been evidence that the auditory cortex has an impact on learning, focus and social interaction. Based on this, we can infer that sound can help in a wide variety of areas, including skill advancement.

This method is pretty obscure. How do I know it works?

While sound intervention therapy is a part of the answer, it’s not all of it. We work from more than one angle when helping you train your perception and skills. In addition, if necessary we collaborate with a variety of other professionals to help supplement our sound intervention program. This means that you aren’t just getting support from a single group—you’re getting the support of a wide variety of professionals and modalities tailored to your needs.

I’m worried you’ll tell me I’m just not good enough.

Unlike other methods of training, the Tomatis method isn’t structured around giving you feedback on poor performance. Instead, we focus on improving function. We also understand that the desire to achieve higher standards can erode confidence, so we have developed strategies to help improve confidence and self-esteem.

You Can Achieve Peak Performance

If you would like to learn more about the Tomatis method and discover how you can improve your skills, I offer a free phone consultation at 206-522-8873. I also provide free monthly, in-person presentations if you would like to learn more about the Tomatis method and various applications. By using sound intervention to support your skills, you can forge past some of your barriers, and achieve the level of performance you desire.