Reaching peak performance is a goal that many students and professionals strive for—whether they are athletes, musicians, second-language learners, or business people.

Achieving peak performance, however, requires intentional effort and practice. It doesn’t just happen without preparation and purpose.

Peak performance is often considered to be a stage in which someone is operating at the pinnacle of their mental and physical strengths. It isn’t just about the mechanics of their skill and the hours they have devoted to training, however. Being able to establish a state of deep concentration on the present moment is crucial to peak performance. So is creating a sense of relaxed confidence in the moment.

The Tomatis method offers a highly effective approach to attaining this goal. It can contribute a powerful advantage to anyone who desires to strengthen their abilities.

Achieving Peak Performance with the Tomatis Method

An advantage of the Tomatis method is that it is highly adaptable to a variety of professions and learning needs.

Young children in a second language school immersion program (Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, or others) find aid in the Tomatis method’s listening approach. Likewise, adults often need to learn a foreign language before going abroad to study and work. The Tomatis method can boost the speed at which they acquire these skills.

Musicians, whether vocal or instrumental, are professionals who rely heavily on their auditory sense. And the Tomatis method can be used to heighten their attention and focus even more.

The concept of peak performance is often used in athletics. While Tomatis may seem counterintuitive to the intense physical conditioning and training needed for athletes, it is actually very useful.

Even highly skilled professionals who are brilliant in their fields can experience anxiety and lack of confidence when working on a team. For example, engineers or programmers whose work requires great solitary focus and concentration may need to develop their teamwork skills. High-level auditory processing and communication abilities are important for perceiving the verbal messages and underlying needs of one’s colleagues. The Tomatis method allows one to finetune these perceptions.

Amazingly, the Tomatis method stimulates the brain in such a way that anyone whose goal is peak performance will be able to benefit from its auditory training approach.

Because the Tomatis method focuses on the auditory system, which is the main method of sensory perception and connects directly to the other sensory systems, its benefits extend into the entire neural network. Auditory training is a powerful way to unify the brain’s efforts in the exact moments when deep focus is necessary. It builds greater efficiency in attention and performance.

Part of the way in which Tomatis training works is that it allows the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate and build new, deeper neural networks. The tonal variations used in the method “surprise” the brain and teach it to focus more closely and intently.

Along with concentration is the ability to tune out anything that would distract from performance of any kind. This could include what is going on around the student, musician, athlete, or professional. But it also involves internal thoughts, past memories, or worries that might interfere with their focus.

Ultimately, the Tomatis method is a “brain training” approach whose benefits extend throughout the body.

By training the brain, the Tomatis method can help athletes with coordination and balance, as well as mental focus during a game or competition. It allows learners to tune into the nuances of the vocabulary and grammar of a foreign language. Musicians can be empowered to expand their already highly-tuned ears and skills to even greater performances. And business professionals can learn to pay close attention to their colleagues during important team discussions and together reach greater success than they would have otherwise.

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