Assessment and treatment using the sound-stimulation approaches developed by Dr. A. Tomatis or other Tomatis®-based technologies are highly individualized at Dr. Sacarin’s Listening Center for Neurocognitive Growth. They are based on standardized testing of various cognitive, behavioral, perceptual and attentional domains. Our treatment plan focuses not only on sound training but also on emotional, attentional, executive functioning and relational development of the children and adults we are working with. The listening function is a core player in our social-emotional well-being and overall cognitive functioning and success.

Since we consider ourselves to be only a part of the puzzle, we also work closely with other experts in our area. During my Initial Evaluation, whenever beneficial, I also provide resources and referrals as well as an intervention plan that includes these resources. As a clinical psychologist with considerable experience and expertise in sound training, our role is to provide you with the following solutions:  help you make informed decisions about interventions and treatment plans, offer the best sound-treatment for your child or yourself while providing all the options available to you or your family.

In addition, Dr. Sacarin provides quantitative EEG (qEEG) recordings and brain mapping report using the Neuroguide- and Neurnavigator (swLORETA) – normative database. These findings could serve the following purpose: research or differential-diagnostic & treatment-finetuning.

Our services include the following drug-free techniques:

  • Tomatis-Effect Listening Intervention Programs as developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis
  • Sensory-Motor Education® – a Relational Development-based SI Approach which also includes Attachment-Theories Intervention
  • Occupational Therapy by a certified Sensory Integration Specialist.
  • Speech and Language Pathology Therapy by a trained Prompt Specialist.
  • Psycho-Motor Integration® – a Relational Development Approach
  • qEEG based Neurofeedback
  • qEEG recordings and report using Neuroguide- and Neuronavigator (swLORETA)-  normative data-base.
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Neuro-Cognitive Development and Learning Strategies Consulting
  • School and Parenting Consulting
  • Workshops for Educators and Parents – with focus on cognitive, sensory-integration and social development
  • Self-Care Class for Mothers