Maritza Rivera-Gaxiola, BSc., MPhil., PhD

Neurofeedback Trainer – Board Certified in Clinical Neurofeedback (BCN), Technical and Advanced Certification in NeurOptimal®, PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Dr. Rivera Gaxiola is a Mexican scientist who received her Bachelor’s degree (Biology) from the UNAM in Mexico. Her first post-graduate degree was granted by the University of Cambridge (Master of Philosophy in Education) in the United Kingdom and also holds a PhD in Psychology by University College London.

Dr. Rivera-Gaxiola has dedicated more than 15 years to learn, teach and publish about brain physiology in different Universities across the world, but believes that the interaction and collaborative work with parents (as a parent coach) or students (as a neurofeedback trainer or mentor) has no parallel in terms of learning how a clear mind can be achieved to discover, dream, design and choose the preferred destiny for an individual or a family.

Maritza’s approach to coaching parents and brainwaves is based on appreciative inquiry, open systems and non-linear dynamics, with special interest in sleep training and optimal brain function training as we age.

Maritza is fluent in English and Spanish. She is married and has 2 daughters and a dog. They all live in Seattle.