Colin White, B.A.

Children Facilitator / Office Manager

ColinColin’s primary focus at Dr. Sacarin Listening Center is on assisting children, teenagers and young adults and their families throughout the process from their Initial Consultation encounter till the completion of the Tomatis Listening Program and final assessment.

Colin has earned a Bachelor of Art degree in Human Services and Rehabilitation from Western Washington University. While pursuing his degree Colin also held 3 internships that focused on working with children in both the school/classroom setting and also in outdoor environments working predominantly with larger groups of children. Colin’s curriculum in college also focused heavily on multiculturalism and how family dynamics differ between people of different cultures. Colin uses this knowledge and understanding to ensure clients of all ethnic backgrounds feel comfortable, understood, and listened too. Throughout his childhood and teen-age years he closely assisted in his family’s Day Care Center for Early Childhood Education, founded and led by his mother. Therefore, Colin has over a decade of working and interacting closely with children in a multitude of settings such as: small and large groups as well as one on one activities. He has served children, teens and young adults of all ages, the youngest being 1-year-old. One of Colin’s most remarkable qualities is his versatility and quickness when establishing a social relationship with children of all ability and functioning levels. Children and their families feel quickly comfortable in his presence whether the child has a specific diagnosis, such as: ASD, ADD, Dyslexia, LD or other genetic or developmental disorder. Colin grew up in a musical family and understands the benefits of music and the effects in can have in people’s lives. Colin’s background in education and music gives him a unique understanding and vast pool of knowledge to draw from when determining the the most effective avenue when working with his clients.

Outside of work, Colin enjoys playing the drums in his band and creating music, going paddle boarding, roller skating and catching a movie at the Cinebarre.