3 Ways Tomatis Listening Training Helps with Emotional Regulation and Information Processing in Children

Children learn and grow at different paces. While some children may benefit from traditional learning practices, others may need more help. There is no right or wrong way for a child to learn, though many parents feel unsure about what options are available for their children.

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Auditory Processing, Communication, and Learning Disorders: What Is the Difference?

Children (and adults) can experience a wide range of disorders related to speech, hearing, and learning. Often, the names of the disorders themselves sound similar to each other: auditory processing disorder, communication/language disorder, and learning disorders.

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Twice-Exceptional Children: Brilliant or Learning Disabled

Children who are identified as twice-exceptional students encounter unique challenges in the classroom and in life. “Twice-exceptional” means that a child is gifted (brilliant) in one or more areas but also must deal with a learning disability. Dealing with this situation can be more complicated than one might think. Often, these children experience great frustration [...]

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