Do you get nervous before you have to give a big presentation? Though you try to focus on your task, do you get caught up in what other people might be thinking about you? Perhaps you experience physical symptoms like clammy hands, a rapid heartbeat, or tense muscles. If any of this sounds familiar, you may have performance anxiety.

Though performance anxiety is common, it is an issue that many people suffer from without ever seeking help. Or some seek help but find that traditional therapy can only help to a certain degree. Others have tried medication, but would rather try to not have to rely on it on the long run. Thanks to advances in biofeedback interventions the more comprehensive approach called qEEG swLoRETA Neurofeedback, you can change the way you think about anxiety.

What Is qEEG swLoRETA Neurofeedback?

Though the name sounds intimidating, qEEG swLoRETA Neurofeedback refers to technology that therapists can use to get a better look at how your brain processes. We can simplify our brain’s functions down to communication and connection between various centers of different neural networks. Sometimes these neural networks don’t work properly; some are underactive, while others are overactive, and this is where neurofeedback (NF) comes into play.

By using NF therapy, we can get a better idea of how your brain is functioning and which areas may be over/underactive. The goal of NF therapy is to get to a place where your brain’s networks are connecting correctly, so you feel more relaxed and less anxious.

How Performance Anxiety Inhibits Your Potential

Performance anxiety can affect people in many situations. Though we commonly equate performance anxiety to “stage fright,” it can be a much more complicated issue. When you feel like all eyes are on you, you may crack under pressure. This pressure can be especially damaging for those who make a living from performing, playing sports, or giving public speeches.

When you experience performance anxiety, your body may go through a “fight or flight” response. You feel panicky, sweaty, and your body trembles. Though you aren’t in immediate danger, your brain convinces you that you are — which is debilitating and limiting.

While you experience performance anxiety, your brain’s network is messy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a glimpse into the control panel and get a better understanding of what happens when you feel anxious and how to respond ? Thanks to qEEG swLoRETA Neurofeedback, we’re able to do just that, help you learn how to calm your emotions so that you can perform at the level you know you would otherwise be able to.

How qEEG swLoRETA Neurofeedback Helps with Performance Anxiety

To get to the bottom of anxiety, we have to understand what goes on in the brain. Thanks to NF therapy, we can get a pretty good glimpse. By applying harmless surface electrodes to your head, we’ll then record and analyze your brainwaves. Once we understand what happens in your brain when you feel anxious, we can use swLoRETA NF therapy to reinforce positive neural interactions.

Think of it this way: swLoRETA NF therapy helps you visualize what happens in your brain. On the computer screen you see in graphic depiction the immediate feedback of your brainwaves and how they change when you feel anxious. By taking a deep breath, relaxing your body and your mind and practicing mindfulness, you can see your brain relax in real-time. As you practice this more and more, your brain will become conditioned to the positive response of calmness and relaxation. As time goes by, you’ll be able to apply these methods to moments when your performance anxiety flares up.

This type of NF therapy is effective because it shows you how your brain responds to anxiety versus when you are in a calm state. Many people are visual learners, and qEEG swLoRETA Neurofeedback helps you see your anxiety in its most basic form: a bunch of neural networks firing off in an undesired pattern. If you’ve been suffering from performance anxiety, NF therapy may be a more suited solution for you. This non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment may be the key between you and a calmer, more peaceful, and more mindful life. To learn more about our qEEG swLoRETA please visit Liliana Sacarin – Anxiety Treatment – Seattle, WA