Tomatis-Effect Listening Training for Adults

Using the Method Developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis for Personal and Professional Development Training

Adults of all ages approach us to enhance their existing abilities and reach their full potential and profit directly from our Tomatis-Effect Listening Education ProgramsT. The Tomatis-Effect will help:

  • Expand personal listening, communication and learning strategies (Better work in teams, better awareness, refined listening and interaction skills).
  • Learning foreign languages (Auditory memory, pronunciation, and improved fluency).
  • Develop voice and body control in professional vocal expression (Public speakers, lawyers, singers and actors).
  • Foreign students improve their ability to interpret English by improving their pronunciation and proper spelling.
  • Reduce sound sensitivity and symptoms of misophonia.

Senior Citizens

  • Develop better movement control in high-performance sports (Athletes, ice skaters, gymnasts, etc.).
  • Increase energy and creativity levels (Dynamizing programs)
  • Listening and wellness development for adults to enhance each individual's potential.
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